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2022 Wedding Trends We're Obsessed With

Updated: May 26, 2022

1. Eco-Friendly Weddings

Okay, so it's fair to say some wedding trends in the past have been questionable to say the least - think flower crowns and monochromatic bridesmaid dresses, and are certainly not for every bride! However, we think eco-friendly weddings are a trend we can all agree on! Sustainability-conscious weddings are certainly set to be one of the biggest wedding trends of 2022.

There are so many ways to ensure your wedding is as sustainable as possible - hiring rather than buying, go paper-free and send out digital Save The Dates instead, and provide wedding favours that won’t be thrown away afterwards, the possibilities are endless!

2. Unusual Wedding Dates

We are seeing so many couples opt for more unusual and unique wedding dates lately, such as mid week and Winter dates as opposed to the standard weekend, Summer dates we are so use to seeing.

3. Interactive Dessert Experiences

More and more couples are treating their guests to interactive dessert experiences as part of their special day. We’re seeing stunning cakes, dessert tables, sweet buffets, Prosecco walls and donut walls all featuring more frequently in weddings, with flavours that are sure to spark memories for years to come!

4. Outdoor Weddings

We’re also seeing more couples choosing to embrace the open-air message that Covid-19 gave us as we see a steady increase in comfortable, outdoor weddings. Couples are taking advantage of the range of marquees with vintage furniture, which creates a whimsical, playful, garden wedding atmosphere.

5. Bright Colour Themes

We’re seeing lots more colourful wedding themes than the standard pastels and nudes, and they're all bright, bold and beautiful! The colour trend forecasters are predicting te most common 2022 wedding trend colours will be vibrant pink-purple Orchid Flower, earthy green Olive Oil, creamy yellow Butter, tropical Mango Sorbet and ocean-life Atlantic Blue!

6. Floral Crowns, Beach Waves and Braids

One of our favorite predicted 2022 wedding trends is the increase in the number of brides choosing to incorporate floral crowns, beach waves and stylish braids into their wedding looks! These trends are here to stay and we’re obsessed!

7. Supporting Local

Of course this is another wedding trend we can always get behind. Don't forget to support as many of your local wedding suppliers as you can ahead of your big day!

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