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The Most Important Thing About Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Are you thinking of hiring a photographer to capture your big day? (We recommend you do!), it's so important to consider other factors, rather than focusing on price alone. You may be wondering what other factors should you consider - luckily for you we've compiled a list important factors to consider when choosing a photographer for your special day!

Does their style match yours?

There’s a wide range of photography styles out there - from documentary-style, classic, quirky, fine art, and everything else in between! Make sure you consider the style of photographs you want for your special day, and hire a wedding photographer whose style fits with your wedding theme and personal style.

What packages are available?

Okay, price will factor in here, but you shouldn't focus on price alone! Consider other aspects such as are you looking for a photography duo? Or a photographer and a videographer? Would you like the photographer/Photography team to be available first thing in the morning until the end of the night? Have you specific images that you want in mind? Would you like a printed ablum of images from your big day? There are so many factors to consider - be sure to really narrow down on what you want before choosing a photographer.

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