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Civil Ceremonies and Humanist Weddings becoming more popular than Religious Weddings

Updated: Feb 12

Its been revealed that Religious weddings are now less than Half compared to Civil/celebrant Weddings.

Following a recent survey by one of the largest wedding supplier network more people are steering away from religious weddings .

It was based on 1,200 participants and took place in January 2023.

Fewer than half of Irish wedding ceremonies are religious! 43% of couples chose a religious ceremony (down from 55% in 2022) with civil ceremonies (23%) and Celebrant ceremonies (18%) gaining popularity, for the first time.

Apart from a turn away from Religion the feedback I get is that a wedding performed by a celebrant is more personal to the couple, includes their love story and so many of their family and friends can become involved in their wedding ceremony which isn’t also the case because of the pressure on the vicar or the priest to attend other duties.

While couples love planning their wedding, 23% are enlisting the help of a wedding planner (up from last year’s 5%). When it comes to choosing their suppliers Eg Wedding DJ, couples say reviews and recommendations are the biggest deciding factor. Only 10% based their decisions on price.

Here at Stevie Dee entertainments we can offer you a one stop shop for your wedding. Stevie Dee has studied and is a qualified wedding planner, Celebrant, Wedding MC and Wedding DJ .

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