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Indoor vs Outdoor Weddings: How To Choose

Ahh yes, the million dollar question... indoor vs outdoor weddings - which is best? When it comes to choosing between the two, there’s a lot of different factors to consider! We’ve made a list of pros and cons of both indoor & outdoor weddings to help you decide which is right for you!

Indoor Weddings

Fewer unpredictable elements: If you choose an indoor wedding location, you don’t have to worry about the weather (the fabulous Irish weather ehh?). If coming up with a ‘Plan B’ isn’t something you’re up for, then choosing the indoors might be more suitable.

Logistics: The majority of indoor wedding venues have electricity, toilets, catering facilities and anything else you and your guests may need.

The limitations: Spending the day indoors means you’ll have limited access to beautiful views (unless, of course, your venue has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Ireland’s best views).

Decor restrictions: Some venues have restrictions with what you’re allowed to hang up or display (this includes lights, candles, backdrops and more, so ask your venue). Don’t forget to read through your contract and ask any questions you can when you’re venue hunting!

No melted food: A climate-controlled indoor space means all your food will be at the right temperature all day. This means no melted cake or sketchy charcuterie!

No natural lighting: Depending on your venue, its location and the size and amount of windows, you may rely heavily on artificial lighting. Make sure you hire a professional photographer with the skills and equipment required to capture gorgeous photos regardless!

Outdoor Weddings

The weather: We’re putting this one first because it’s a HUGE consideration. Your beautiful setting always comes with a chance of overheating, wind or rain (especially in Ireland).

You’ll need a Plan B: We always recommend arranging a ‘Plan B’ if you’re opting for the outdoors. An extra tent or marquee, loads of umbrellas, a note for guests to dress appropriately, are all things you want to consider.

Restrictions and permits: You won’t always need a permit, but getting married outdoors will have its restrictions. Think about restrictions on amplified sound or size limits on your marquee.

Simple decor: Being outside means you’ve got a gorgeous backdrop no matter what. This means you’ll spend less money and time on your decor!

Rental items: Where will your chairs, tables, linens, sound and decor come from? If you’re getting married outdoors, you’ll need to rent all of these items, along with the staff to pull it off.

Beautiful natural lighting: Literally nothing beats photos captured in natural light!

Sweaty food: Sounds gross, but you need to think about what food is safe to leave outside all day. You might want to reconsider your buttercream cake and charcuterie board.

Outdoor games: With all the outdoor space on your hands, you can entertain your guests with giant Jenga and other lawn games!

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