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Questions to ask when booking a wedding DJ

With the pandemic behind us and life returning to normal, couples planning their wedding can now appreciate the benefits of having a DJ for the entire evening. Booking a DJ for the full duration of the event is becoming increasingly popular, providing a diverse and enjoyable experience for all.

A bustling dance floor is the ultimate indication of a successful wedding reception. It is where joyous moments are shared and cherished memories are created. However, achieving a lively dance floor requires careful consideration when selecting a wedding DJ who can effortlessly get your guests grooving.

To ensure you find the perfect fit, it is crucial to ask the right questions during your initial inquiry. We have compiled a list of ten important questions that will aid in your search for the ideal wedding DJ.

  1. Do you have a brochure or a website we can go through?

This allows you to go through the different services, get a feel for the type of DJ they are and maybe even take a look at some customer reviews or images!

2. What Services do you offer and have you got pricing ?

Knowing exactly what services the DJ offers and how much they charge is important for efficient planning and budgeting. Ensure to get a receipt or write the prices down so that you can implement them into your wedding budget.

3. Do you provide sound and lighting in those prices ?

Knowing exactly what you are paying for is essential so that there are no mistakes or bad surprises on the big day! Be sure to ask this question so that you can include lighting if they are not included!

4. Do you have a travel fee for your services ?

This is an important question again to make sure that you are not met with surprise fees! Ensuring that your DJ knows where the venue is going to be and whether or not they charge for travel is important.

5. Where can I see reviews or some videos of your work ?

If the DJ in question has a website, they should have videos or a gallery of their work as well as some reviews on their site! If they don't have a website be sure to ask where you can see examples or reviews!

6. Do you play requests ?

A DJ that plays requests from your guests is a good DJ! Keeping your guests happy by playing their requests allows for a fun time. Make sure with your DJ that they are happy to take requests before booking them!

7. Do you have insurance i.e. Public liability (most wedding venues require suppliers to have this.)

Ensure that your DJ has this.

8. What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation policies are important to know what procedure is taken if your wedding had to be cancelled.

9. Do you need a deposit and how much is it.

Again, knowing prices is good for budgeting for your wedding.

10. If we offer you a request list for the evening are you happy to work with it .

Ensuring that the DJ is OK to play a list of your music requests for the evening is so important! Make sure that the DJ ok's it before the night instead of giving them a list on the night and flustering the DJ!

Choosing the right wedding DJ can make all the difference in creating an unforgettable reception experience. From packing the dance floor to keeping the party going, a skilled DJ can elevate your celebration to the next level. By asking the right questions during your search, you can ensure that your chosen DJ will perfectly fit your style and crowd. So, take the time to do your research, and you'll be rewarded with an unforgettable night of dancing, laughter, and love.

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