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Setting your Wedding Date

Sometimes it’s easy to know exactly what day you want your wedding to be. Whether for sentimental reasons, or practicality, or maybe it’s on an anniversary date, you could already have a period or precise date planned out. If you’re less certain, keep this advice in mind:

The Availability

It’s understandable you’d want the people who mean the most to you to attend. As such, make a point of reaching out to those closest to you and asking what dates they can’t do. Make a note of all of these and try to find a week when there’s no overlap. Nowadays so many of our close friends here in Ireland have jobs and are living in places like America, Australia, Saudi Arabia .

Season and Popularity

Certain times of year will be more expensive, and book up more quickly. This is typically the case in the summer, as well as the beginning of autumn. September is always a popular time to get married as Most holidays are over. It’s not that you won’t be able to book for this time, but it might mean you’ll pay a premium price if you want the venue you had in mind.

Weather for Outdoor Weddings

If an outdoor wedding is something you’re after, you’ll need to keep this in mind. This will rule out winter and even early spring weddings in many locations. Look up seasonal trends and see what time of year is best for your needs. Here in Ireland we can be lucky and unlucky with the weather, always a good idea to have a plan b in place.

A Personal Milestone

Setting a wedding around a personal milestone is also a good idea for those struggling to decide. This could give your special day even more meaning. Good examples include the day you met, first became an official couple, or even got engaged. Some people even get married on Valentine’s day, this way you will be guaranteed never to forget the anniversary .

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