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Top Things to do a Month Before Your Wedding - Part 2

We received such a great response to last weeks blog on top tips to do a month before your big day that we decided to do a part 2! You can read last weeks blog here!

1. Confirm the shot list with your photographer

This shot list will include any ‘must-have’ photos you want to take, as well as your family photo list. Some popular shot list requests include shots as the bride gets ready, including hair, makeup and the outfit. Shots of the groom getting ready, first look shots and of course bridesmaid and groomsmen shots!

2. Check in with your wedding party

Remind the guys to pick up their suits and check that the bridesmaids have their dresses, shoes and accessories for a smooth, relatively stress free morning!

3. Confirm transport

This one is super important if your wedding reception is in a different location to your service, and you need to ensure transport is in place for guests. Confirm pickup times and locations with the driver. Now would be a good time to also double check who is driving you to your wedding ceremony etc.

4. Write thank you notes to your bridesmaids

Tell your bridesmaids that you are so happy to have them by your side and remind them why you asked them to walk this journey with you, you could also include a small gift if you want to!

5. Write a note to your spouse-to-be

Don’t forget why you’re doing all of this! Write a special note or buy a sweet gift to give to your spouse-to-be on the morning of your wedding day.

6. Confirm the ceremony plan with your celebrant/solemniser

Sit down with your celebrant/solemniser and speak with all the details of your wedding ceremony. Include readings, vows, the order of service, and any special items you’ve arranged.

7. Practice your first dance

Even if you’ve done lessons, do a final run-through of your first dance, and do it in your heels!

8. Confirm honeymoon plans

Make a list of all the honeymoon details and confirm them. We’re talking about flights, passports, any activities you’d like to do. Don’t forget to make a packing list and then pack ahead of time.

9. Drop off all your extras

Create a list of all the extra items you’ll need for your wedding day, and then put them all in a box. Things like unity candles, guest book, and sparklers. Drop off the boxes at your venue ahead of time.

10. Breathe and take it all in

Don’t forget to enjoy it all! This is an amazing day, so take it all in.

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