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Wedding DIY Ideas (Plus 3 Things you Should never DIY)

Wedding DIY has become very popular as of recently, whether it is to save money, or create a 'home made' feel to your wedding. Adding fun personal touches to your wedding can make it feel more meaningful for your guests. However, having said this, there are definitely some things that you should leave to the pros!

DIY: Confetti Cones

Confetti cones are super cute and a very simple DIY project that you can take on for your wedding. Take it a step further and add your new Initials or names on them

DIY: Chalkboard Signs

Pop into any hardware store and you’ll find a bucket of chalkboard paint which you can use to make cute chalkboard signs.

DON'T DIY: Entertainment

Wedding music is not something you want to DIY. While it might seem like a good idea to create your own playlist and plug your iPhone into your at-home speaker system, we recommend leaving this up to the professionals. A wedding band, musician or DJ is experienced and will know what type of music to play at specific parts of the wedding day. The pros come with a good quality sound system and they can guarantee a full dance floor all night! Isn’t that what you want?

DON'T DIY: Photography

These days, everybody knows someone who has an excellent camera and an eye for photography. Resist the temptation to save a little bit of money and sacrifice the quality of your photos. Your wedding photos will be with you forever and you want them to blow your mind. A professional photographer is able to keep you feeling comfortable in front of the camera so that you look great in posed photos, while capturing the spontaneous and unplanned moments, as well as commanding the room for those group photos. A helpful friend with a good camera simply won’t offer the same benefits.


There are so many reasons not to take on this task yourself. How will the food be kept warm? Who will serve the food and ensure that there is enough for everyone? Will someone replenish the food during service if you’re doing a buffet? People will talk about good food and they will find a reason to complain about bad food, and we always recommend hiring a professional caterer for something as important as wedding food!

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