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10 Helpful Tips To Kick Start Your Wedding Planning

Updated: May 26, 2022

First things first - congratulations on getting engaged! We have no doubt you're super excited to join the wonderful world of wedding planning! We want to help you get off to the best possible start when it comes to wedding planning, so we've compiled these ten planning tips which are sure to help you navigate your way through wedding planning!

1. Plan Your Budget

Regardless of what figure you settle on budget wise, having a clear plan in place will be crucial when it comes to ensuring you get the most out of your money. There are plenty of budget planning tools available online to help guide you in the right direction and allow you to keep track and compare of your estimated and actual spend.

2. Find Your Venue/Choose Your Date

Finding your dream venue will coincide with choosing your wedding date. You can search for venues online using the Weddings Online suppliers page. Once you have found handful of wedding venues you love, be sure to book an appointment to go and visit each venue. When you're confident you have found 'the one' you can go through the dates the venue is available for and decide on the right date for you.

3. Choose Your Theme

It's important to choose a wedding theme that reflects both you and your partner’s personalities perfectly. Here are some questions to help you and your partner decide;

- How did you meet?: You can base your entire wedding theme on the actual place where you met. It’s a great way to tell your story and look back at where your relationship started.

- What activities do you enjoy doing as a couple?: This could give you ideas on what you want to include in your wedding reception. For example, if you both love to listen to jazz music, then your theme could center entirely around a jazz theme.

- What kind of clothes or outfits do you both like? Do you enjoy formal attire? Casual? Are you the jeans-and-white-shirt kind?: This is a good question as you both can identify whether you want your wedding theme to feel formal or relaxed. Knowing what type of clothes you’ll be most comfortable in, can help you choose a theme to go along with it.

- How is your house decorated?: What colors do you surround yourself with? Do you like bright, tropical-like colors, or soft, pastel hues? Your theme can be based on the colors you feel most comfortable and happy being surrounded by.

- What are your shared passions and interests?: What are the hobbies you both share? What type of food do you love to eat? You can choose a theme based on the things you love. For example, if you both love delicious seafood meals, then a beach wedding theme is the perfect way to go.

4. Pick Out Your Wedding Rings

Next it's time to pick out your wedding rings! Your wedding ring symbolises your eternal, ever-lasting love, and will hold a great deal of sentimental value, so be sure to take the time to choose your wedding rings carefully! A few questions to ask yourself are what style would coordinate well with your engagement ring? Do you have a specific shape, carat or metal in mind?

5. Book Your Suppliers

Now it's time to start looking at suppliers. Here you need to consider photographers, florists, DJ's and any other services you may want to avail of for your big day. Take the time to consider a range of different suppliers, before you settle on one supplier be sure to do your research on them, Google them, look for reviews and browse through their previous work to see if their style is right for you.

*Be sure to shop local where possible!

6. Create A Guest List

Now that you have decided on a date, wedding venue and set budget you can work out how many guests you can afford to invite. Make a list of all your potential wedding guests, you can cut this list down later if you are restricted by budget. Be sure to keep all your closest friends and family at the top of the list.

7. Choose Your Wedding Dress

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the more enjoyable tasks on the list! You can find a range of wedding dress suppliers online. You can also consider accessories such as jewellery, groom suits, bridesmaid gowns etc.

*Be sure to shop local where possible!

8. Create Your Wedding Registry

Here it's important to consider whether you would like to have a gift list filled with items for your home or a gift list full of experience days or gift vouchers. It's important to note here that not everyone chooses to have a registry, but it's a great way to make sure the gifts you receive will be useful and will match your style.

9. Send Out Your Invitations

Now that you have your guest list finalised you can send out your save-the-dates! Traditionally, couples send out wedding invites around six - eight weeks in advance of the wedding date. When all your guests have responded, you can start working on your seating arrangements.

10. Finishing Touches

Once you have all the tasks listed above complete you can take some time to go over things and d some final checks. Be sure that each member of the wedding party knows their role, delegate any final jobs if required and confirm with all your wedding suppliers.

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