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Everything You Need To Know About The Wedding Speech!

Have you got a wedding speech to deliver but you have no clue where to start? You've come to the right place! This blog focuses on expert tips for speech writing, exactly how to structure a wedding speech, when to deliver the speech and some funny quotes to include to get your guests laughing too!

Simple Ways To Nail Your Speech

Whether you're the best man, a bridesmaid, the groom or parents of the bride or groom, you've probably been asked to make a speech! Here are some practical things you can do to nail your speech and not let nerves get the better of you!

  1. Cue cards - write out your speech and turn those notes into cue cards to help jog your memory!

  2. Grab the mic - use the mic to ensure everyone can hear you, especially if you're speaking to a large crowd in an open room.

  3. Practice - be sure to write your speech ahead of time to give yourself enough time to practice!

  4. Toast the bridge and groom - toasting “to the happy couple” while raising your glass is a strong way to end your speech!

How To Start Your Speech

Are you wondering what's the best way to start your speech? We've compiled some of the best ways to start below!

- A quick introduction

Keep it simple! Here are some examples:

“Hi, I’m Esther and I’m the bride’s sister!”

“Hello everyone! I’m Glen’s brother, Jason.”

“Good evening everybody. I’m the couple’s best bud.”

- An introduction with a twist

Add some flavour to your opening line by introducing yourself with a twist.

“If you don’t already know me by now, you’re probably in the wrong room!”

- With flattery

Open your speech by saying something complimentary about the couple.

“Doesn’t my bestie look amazing today?”

“Well, you guys look amazing today!”

- Be sentimental

Applaud the couple for their love.

“Love is not about how many days, weeks or months you’ve been together. It’s about how much you love each other every day.”

- Introduce a recurring theme

A strong way to start your speech is by introducing a theme that pops up again. For example, you could talk about how opposites attract!

“Hello, my name is Emily and I’m here to talk about my awesome friends, Faith and John. They are truly a story of opposites attracting. John’s favourite food is french fries and Faith is allergic to potatoes. Faith has an ice cream obsession and John is lactose intolerant. Thankfully, things have a way of working out. We are gathered here tonight to celebrate the most important thing they have in common… love.”

- Make them laugh

If you’re going to open with comedy, do it confidently and do it well. The first step is to know your audience! The best toast starters are usually the funniest.

“Thank you James for your very kind -and expected- compliments on the beauty of the bride and bridesmaids. What can a woman do but agree? We are indeed exceptionally gorgeous!”

“Doug and Elizabeth actually had a bit of trouble finding somebody to make a speech today. They started by asking their funniest friend, and they said no. Next, they asked their most charming friend, and they said no. Then, they asked their best-looking friend and, again, they said no. After that, they asked me, and after already turning them down three times, I couldn’t say no again.”

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