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Feeling Nervous About Your First Dance?

It's only normal to feel nervous about your first dance on your special day. You want the moment to be just right, while your guests watch you and your partner dance the night away. And if you're not used to performing in front of people - no matter how big or small of a group it is, you're going to feel under pressure to get it right!

These simple tips can help you feel a bit more confident about the special moment.

Don't wait too long to start preparing

It's never too late to begin practicing your first dance and researching the perfect song. If you've never danced before, there's no time like the present!

Get the pros Involved

The more help that you can get, whether it be from professional instructors, lessons or simply YouTube tutorials, the better! This can ensure that you're at your most comfortable on the day.

Organise your dance

Plan your routine! Dances should have a start, middle and end. This will make the dance flow professionally.


The ultimate rule to having a perfect dance and feeling confident is practice! Once you have settled on your routine, practice to ensure you know the ins and outs of the dance.

Think About your Venue

If you have an idea of what venue your first dance will take place, it'll be valuable information to know what kind of space is available to you, which can determine what kind of dance and dance-style you want to have.

Dance for you!

Don't focus too much on your guests! Focus on you and your partner, the moment and what the dance means. Your guests should be moved by your love, not the choreography!

Enjoy yourself

When planning a wedding, there is so much to worry and stress about. Dancing together shouldn't be one of them. Enjoy practicing together and think of it as a break from all of the stress!

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