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Handsome Groom Looks For 2022

Updated: May 26, 2022

The grooms of 2022 are extremely lucky, they have wide selection of super stylish wedding wear to choose from! Much like the options available to brides today, grooms can choose to either hire a suit, purchase a brand new suit or have their dream suit custom made! But, with so much choice available today it can be difficult to make a decision. That's why we've put together this handy guide to shopping for the perfect suit!

1. Grey Suits

Choosing a grey suit for your wedding can be a good thing! There are endless ways to wear a grey suit, plus it's a good look regardless of the season or time of day. Grey suits vary in shade, from light grey to charcoal. Light grey suits are the most suitable shade for Spring/Summer weddings as they give the groom a bright and fresh look. The light grey colour will also keep you cooler than a darker grey or charcoal would, this could be an important factor if you are planning a sunny destination wedding! It's important to note that light grey suits are considered more of a casual colour for grooms, so be sure to opt for a darker shade of grey if you are planning a more formal wedding. Medium grey suits are all about versatility, they match everything! You can accessorize a grey suit for formal wedding, or dress it down for a more casual ceremony. The darker grey and charcoal suits are perfect for Fall or Winter weddings, as well as formal wedding.

As suggested above the lighter the colour, the more casual the suit is. While this may be true, the opposite can also be true. The accessories you choose can totally transform the suit. So, if you're planning a formal wedding but you have your heart set on a light grey suit - accessories, accessories, accessories and go for it!

2. Blue Suits

Blue or navy suits are the perfect choice for a more colourful look. Shades of blue can really showcase the accessories you pair it with, such as bringing out the colours in your tie, pocket square or even the shirt you choose. Blue and navy suits are a more modern and bold choice for grooms, making them a smart choice for a Spring or Summer wedding. Again, lighter blue suits tend to be more casual depending on the accessories they are pair with. Classic navy suits feature a darker fabric that works well for both Summer and Fall weddings, as well as daytime Winter weddings. Navy suits are a softer alternative to black suits, which can sometimes look to harsh.

Similar to the grey suits, blue or navy suits can easily accessorised to suit a more formal look, or paired with some colourful accessories to suit a more casual look.

3. Black Suits

Black suits are more the most formal option available to grooms, apart from a tux of course. Black suits can be slightly too harsh for a wedding which is why they are only really recommended for late evening or Winter wedding. Have your heart set on a black wedding suit? No problem! Try to incorporate some colorful accessories to add some colour to the outfit!

4. Tan Suits

Tan suits are the most casual suit colour of the lot, while they would be perfect for a daytime wedding, you wouldn't necessarily choose one for a more formal wedding. A tan groom suit would be perfect for a wedding vows on a tropical beach vibe!

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