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How To Plan The Most Fun Wedding Ever!

In our opinion weddings are always fun, but if you'd like to make yours as memorable as possible, you'll want to focus your attention on your guests. Knowing how to plan the most fun wedding ever means stepping away from the "it's my day" mentality! It's likely your guests have been to that many weddings in the past that they can almost predict what's coming next, so how do you set your wedding apart from all the rest? Inject some personality and thought into every aspect of your day, so friends and family will be talking about the fun they had for years to come!

Keep reading to find out our experts tips on how to make your wedding as memorable as possible!

1. Build Excitement From The Start

Wedding day excitement should begin way before the big day! Sending out themed Save The Dates is a great way to ensure your guests are both curious and excited. This is also a great way to hint at your wedding theme without giving it away, helping to build anticipation

Wedding day fun begins way before the Big Day! Send out themed Save the Dates and invitations to get your guests excited. This is a fabulous way to hint at your wedding theme and begin building anticipation!

2. Choose A Theme

We love seeing couples inject some of their personality into their special day by choosing a theme! Once you've selected a theme that fits both of your personalities, jot down all the ways you can carry it through your wedding weekend.

*Pro Tip; Consider any unexpected surprises that will keep guests on their toes!

3. Start The Day Right

Start as you mean to go on as they say; and we suggest starting with lots of fun and keeping your guests comfortable. Consider welcoming guests to your ceremony with a warm (in winter) or cold (in summer) drink. Give everyone a printout of the plan for the day, along with your ceremony readings and some fun facts about you as a couple!

4. Make It Interactive

Find as many fun, creative ways to get your guests socialising and having fun together! Create a fun space to get your guests mingling, mix up your seating arrangements, display photos of everyone, serve food in a buffet style or play a game together. You can also choose from a wide range of interactive dessert ideas to give that added wow factor!

5. Make You Party, Well... A Party!

Do whatever you can to create the perfect party atmosphere and you’re guaranteed to keep your guests happy! Choose an incredible DJ to keep the dance floor full all night and get your guests involved by asking for their song requests ahead of time.

Surprise guests with unique wedding entertainment, like an interactive game, a comedian, a magician, live art, a dance performance or lesson, and end on a bang with a fireworks display! The options are well and truly endless!

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