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Magical Bridgerton-Themed Wedding Ideas

If you're a fan of period romances (ehhh who isn't??) then you've probably already binge watched both seasons of Bridgerton! It's so easy to get drawn in by the fabulous events, beautiful flowers and romantic music, it really is no wonder why so many couples choose to incorporate a touch of Bridgerton into their special day. Keep reading to find out some subtle yet elegant touches to incorporate some Bridgerton magic into your special day!

The Perfect Wedding Venue

The best way to add a hint of Bridgerton magic to your special day is through your wedding venue! If you've watched the series so far you'll see it's full of big, magical looking venues including ballrooms for dancing, beautiful gardens and majestic banquet tables for dining!

Struggling to find the perfect venue? Check out our blog on wedding venues in Ireland here!

Wisteria Hysteria

One of the most notable aspects of the Bridgerton series is the beautiful purple flower gracing the Bridgerton residence. The fine display of purple Wisteria, which is a late spring and early summer flowering climbing plant is absolutely spectacular! It adds an elegant twist to the already fabulous buildings featured in the program, and is one sure way to introduce the Bridgerton theme to your special day.

Candles & Lanterns

We love, love, love to see people including candles and lanterns in their wedding decor because they're such a good way to add a unique touch, Not only will candles and lanterns add a touch of intimacy and romance to your special day, but they'll also give you that Bridgerton-themed, period vibe you're aiming for!

Romantic Music

No Bridgerton-themed wedding would be complete without the perfect music! Bridgerton is well known for creating classical versions of popular songs and your wedding should be no different! Hire excellent professionals to help you create your perfect, dream wedding playlist, inspired by Bridgerton, of course!

A Grand Cake

Nothing screams 'Bridgerton' more so than a grand, multi-tiered cake! We're seeing more and more big, fancy, opulent wedding cakes, and they suit the Bridgerton theme to a T! You can also opt to add some intricate details and personal touches to your cake to make it that bit more personable!


Firework displays are nothing short of spectacular and magical! Who could forget the gorgeous firework scenes throughout both seasons of the hit TV show? One sure way to give your guests the Bridgerton feel is to recreate these special moments during your First Dance!


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