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Mistakes Couples Make When Wedding Planning (& how to avoid them!)

With so much to think about when planning a wedding it can be so easy to miss a few steps along the way, or even worse, find out you're over budget halfway through the planning process! In this blog we've highlighted a few common mistakes couples make while planning their wedding and tips on how to avoid these mistakes!

Ignoring (or not having) Your Budget

It's so easy to get overwhelmed and feel stressed when you haven't settled on a clear budget for your big day. We find the best way to avoid this stress further down the line is to sit down before you begin any wedding planning and work out what you have to spend. Once you have a figure in mind you can create your budget, be sure to do everything you can to stick to it!

Forgetting The Shortcuts

There's no doubt about it, Wedding planning is a stressful task, so why not make it easier for yourself by using the wedding planning resources designed to help you plan your wedding like a pro! These resources will help you choose a venue, find your dream suppliers and keep on track with a to-do list!

Forgetting About The Legal Bit

The legal part is arguably the most important part of your big day! This is where you are legally tying the knot and becoming a married couple so don't leave it to the last minute! Check out our article on How To Get Married Legally in Ireland.

Sort The Guest List Early

Make sure you've got your guest list sorted before sending out your save the dates! There is a real art to sending out save the dates, if you send them out too late, you aren't giving your guests enough time to RSVP. Be sure to do some research on sending out wedding invitations to help you!

Trying To Do It All At Once

This is possibly one of the biggest mistakes couples make when planning their Wedding. There are so many decisions that need to be made that it can feel overwhelming not knowing where to even begin. The key to overcoming this is lists, lists, lists! You can check out our blog posts 10 Helpful Tips To Kick Start Your Wedding Planning and Starting Your Wedding Planning Journey to help you!

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