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Planning A Hen Party: The Basics

Are you a bridesmaid tasked with the job of planning your brides hen party? Today you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a rundown of everything you’ll need to organise to create the best hen party, plus some extra special little details.

The Basics

Being asked to plan the hen party can seem like a mammoth task. With lots of peoples calendars to work around, budgets to consider and all those tiny details, it can seem like a lot. The best way forward is to take it easy, one step at a time…

1. Chat to the bride – Who does she want to invite, has she any preference on number of nights away (if any), distance to travel etc.

2. Set a date – The earlier you set a date the better and easier it will be for all involved to keep that date free.

3. Invite the hens – a Whattsapp group, or similar group messaging system is the easiest way to contact everyone and have all details and replies in one place.

4. Decide on a budget per head – Make sure you discuss the cost with your bride and a few of the key guests to ensure it is achievable for everyone invited.

5. Research options and consult with hens – whilst it’s good to keep everyone in the loop with ideas, try to keep this group small, too many cooks and all that!

6. Arrange payment deadline – Not very fun stuff but essential! Keep a record of everyone, how much they’ve paid and when.

7. Book accommodation – You’ll likely need a definite number before this step so keep on at those girls to ensure planning is kept simple.

8. Book activities, food & drink – You can find plenty of fun hen party games and activities on Google!

When should you have the hen do?

This very much depends on the kind of hen party you plan. If it’s a party weekend type do abroad give your hens as much notice as possible to save and pay for it. Aiming for 6-10 weeks before the wedding is a good idea as it’s still time for after hen relaxing but not so far away that the excitement of the day fades. If you’re planning a low-key dinner type hen do it’s totally fine to hold this closer to the wedding date.

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