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Wedding Photos For Your Must-Have Shot List

If you're looking for quirky wedding photos for your must-have shot-list, we have compiled the perfect list of beautiful photos that you should recreate at your own wedding.

Who will shed a tear first?

Not everyone’s a crier, but sometimes you just can’t hold back the tears. A perfect photo opportunity.

Will you DIY it?

Seeing a couples creative side makes the wedding unique and one of a kind! Personal touches makes the day.

What's the dress code?

Looking your best couldn’t be easier with the helping hands of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Guaranteed to have you suited up (or laced up!) and get you there on time.

Are you the tomboy or girly girl type?

No rules apply! Not every bride is used to high heels and make up. Some come prepared with burks and cons, while others bring a ring shiner and that perfect shade of lippy!

First look, Yay or Nay?

Just one look, that's all it took to be blown away by your partner.

Furry friends at the wedding?

We don’t think our couples are barking mad, if they decide to bring their four legged friends as a plus one to the wedding.

Kids keep out?

No over 18 passes needed for guests at a wedding. Bring your niece or nephew or even your own kids along to create some magic.

Who doesn't love a hug?

Is there anything better than a cup of tea and a cuddle? Surely not! And on a day as busy as your wedding, you’ll cherish the quiet moments even more.

Will you dance like no one is watching?

When it comes to dancing, we’ve seen it all. From the shyer couples quick shuffle to the wild ones who dance the night away! But you can bet we’ll be boogying along with you either way.


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