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What To Say When Proposing - Apart From The Obvious!

Naturally enough, you want your proposal to be a special moment, but how do you make sure you find the right words to say what's in your heart? You do it by making sure you're prepared, of course! If you’re not sure what to say when proposing, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our suggestions of what to say before you get to the key line, “Will you marry me?”.

Just be yourself

The best way to make sure you speak from the heart is to just be yourself! Try not to follow a script too much, as this can come across 'rhymed off' and robotic. The best advice is to prepare, memorise the main points so you don't forget them, and then speak naturally from the heart!

Don't hold back

It's totally ok and perfectly normal to be emotional! If you tear up, even if you have never done this in front of your partner before, embrace is. It’s a big moment and you shouldn’t hold back from showing all your emotions!

Talk about your relationship

It's always a good idea to start off your proposal by talking about how you felt when you two first met, how happy your partner makes you or even the moment when you knew you were in love with them!

Share what you love about them

Talk about the things you love about them! Name all the qualities you love most and elaborate on them. Do you love your partner’s sense of humour? Maybe they are incredibly generous to those around them and you love that. Whatever it is, name it!

Dream about the future

It's very sweet to give a nod to your future together during your proposal speech. You could talk about the future you envision having with your partner, the adventures you'll experience together, children and even growing old together.

End with those famous four words

Everything you’ve prepared to say up until this point will lead you to asking the big question. As you get to this moment, drop down on one knee and ask, “Will you marry me?”. There's no need to reinvent the wheel here, you’ve got four words that clearly ask the question, so use them!

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