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How To Plan A Christmas Wedding

Are you planning on getting married at Christmas time? Well then I have great news for you: there are many advantages to a winter wedding! Not only will it be easier (and cheaper) to book a venue and get decorations, but your guests are more likely to stay the whole day if they can take part in all of the fun events. Here's everything you need to know about planning a magically Winter Wonderland of your own:

Start with a venue..

Before you start the whole wedding planning process, there are a few things you need to nail down first; decide on a theme that reflects both the Christmas spirit and your own personal style. Once you have decided on a theme, pick a venue that fits that theme. Be sure to book well ahead of time if you choose a popular venue or city as more popular venues can start to book out early.

Think colour themes and decorations..

The biggest challenge for a Christmas wedding is finding decorations at this busy time of year so start thinking about colour themes early to make sure everything matches. A lot of stores sell out early and don't restock until after the holidays so plan ahead and make sure to order in advance of this. Don't be afraid to contact local retailers that you think might not have what you're looking for - they may be able to order it for you or put something custom together. We love to see couples using wreaths and garlands to decorate their venue as it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests. You can opt for white poinsettias on the head table or in a large arrangement in the center of the room, if you prefer greenery without flowers, you could try pine boughs or holly branches instead of poinsettias; they will look stunning with your color palette! For table settings we recommend using candles in holiday-themed candlesticks or glass globe vases! You can also add some sparkle by placing votives in apothecary jars—they're functional pieces at an affordable price point!

Embrace the holiday season..

Once you've got your color palette figured out for your décor, it's time to get creative with food options - our favorite part about planning a Christmas wedding? All of those festive treats! From sugar cookies shaped like snowflakes to candy cane trees, there are so many fun ideas out there just waiting for you to choose from! Embrace the holiday season by introducing things like warm spiced cider, hot chocolate bars and miniature gingerbread houses as wedding favors, or have snowflake designs incorporated into your cake and invitations. Don't forget to bring some holiday cheer into your décor by adding touches of red and green! Or if you want something more subtle, try adding a few white and silver ornaments on your table settings or decorating the bridal party’s gifts with them. It’s all about embracing the holidays with décor, food and music that reflects these special times! No matter what theme/idea suits your venue and style, we're sure you'll find something perfect when planning your big day.

Nail down your dream playlist..

Put together the perfect playlist of songs that remind you of Christmas but also work well in a wedding context. A good playlist will set the tone for your wedding and keep guests dancing all night long. Work with your entertainment suppliers to create the wedding entertainment of your dreams! Opt to have your suppliers start about an hour or so before the ceremony so people can mingle while listening to music; then play again during dinner so everyone can catch up with each other before dancing begins!

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